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How To Make A Wordpress Website With Elementor PRO 2020 - NEW FAST & EASY WAY!

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In this video, i will show you step by step how to make a wordpress website with elementor pro and Wordpress. Elementor is wordpress best page builder and in this video, we are going to use the pro version and really show how amazing you can make your wordpress website!

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to make a website for themselves or their business or even anyone who wants to start a web design business to make money online. I really help this tutorial helps you out and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below!

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5:10 Install Wordpress
7:15 Wordpress General Settings
11:35 Install Elementor PRO
14:40 Install Wordpress Plugins
16:25 Install Neve theme
17:30 Import Demo Content
19:30 Build Wordpress Website
20:00 Building Home Page
24:30 Add Gradient Buttons To Elementor
29:20 Create Website With Blocks
51:48 Creating About Us Page By Importing Templates
52:22 Download Complete Website FREE
57:08 Creating A Portfolio Page
1:00:05 Creating The Contact Us Page
1:02:35 Testing The Contact Form
1:03:15 How To Make Pages And Add To Menu
1:07:00 Creating The Pricing Page
1:08:30 How To Make A Blog
1:09:35 Neve theme Customize Settings
1:29:33 ALL Elementor Pro Features
1:29:44 Elementor Theme Builder Tutorial
1:40:25 Elementor Popup Builder
1:44:39 Elementor Theme Styles
1:48:38 All Elementor Pro Elements
1:53:19 Additional Elementor Pro Options
2:00:00 Elementor Motion Effects And Mouse Clicks
2:09:10 Closing Remarks

Thanks for watching this video everyone. I do take alot of time to make these videos. If this video helped you, let me know in the comments below! And make sure to like this video! If you want to visit my website, you can visit it here at

How To Make A Wordpress Website With Elementor PRO 2020 - NEW FAST & EASY WAY!


  1. Hey Party People! I spent a good 1 week recording this video and another week editing! But i hope this video will help you create your website. I cover all the features with Elementor PRO and we easily create the website shown with Elementor PRO. Also, make sure to keep watching because i have tons of cool freebies inside the video :) Anywho, thanks for watching! Make sure to SMASH the like button and lets try and get to 500 likes in the first DAY!

  2. Flatsome? Elementor? Astra? Darrel.. Your past 3 vids show different options for "How to create an eCom site" vs "How to create a tshirt biz" and "Make WP site with Elementor".. Which one is better? Yikes!

  3. Sometime in the future could you do a video where you teach us how to add an eCommerce section to a regular site. For example, I've seen a number of websites (gyms, dojo, recording artists) that include a "store" section where people can guy their merchandise. Doesn't have to be a 2 hour video, just something where we can get the gist of how to add one.

  4. Just wondering, would it be better to implement a sidebar or just go full screen. Apart from having other posts and adverts, not sure what else it offers?
    Any help would be appreciated as I am going to start building my blog in a few weeks.

  5. awesome material!. one question.. how does a freelancer workflow works? for example.. I have my local/personal wordpress with the pro license and then export /import on the client? do I need to install only elementor (not pro) on their site? or do I need to have pro on there site? or how do I set up their site? also, how do I keep 'maintaining/updating' their site (if they decide to get some kind of maintenance package? Do I keep moving their site to mine, update, then re-load to theirs? thanks!

  6. Thank you so much Darrel ! Your video helped me a lot! BTW you have a mistake in description: "I really help this tutorial helps you".

  7. At I display my photos, how do I make something similair with Elementor

  8. I saw a channel that translated this video into Spanish the channel is called (Darrel wilson-in Spanish)

  9. Hi Darrel, how many affiliate marketing programs would you join as a beginner, going for like 5 different examples, would that be too much?

  10. Hi Darrel, I have a question and hope you can help me. I literally did everything you did until the point where you installed the template of "web Agency" but the problem is that my website is not secure anymore even though I did the same SSL process that you did, I'm new in the web design world so please, if someone know how can I fix it, it would be really helpful.

  11. Just a note to touch base with some tubers to make sure you guys are good... Well, I know your good I wouldn't watch... Should say hanging in through the changes... Chchchanges... Don't mind me. Songs constantly pop in my head🙃

  12. Hey Darren , I need some help with my site bro . I’ll pay . I ain’t rich yet but I’ll pay you bro , I know everything counts ...... keep safe bro .

  13. Hi Darrel, I am starting a T shirt line and I will utilize Printful and Gearbubble but I want to integrate both into one shoppify page. Is that possible? It is just becaause Gearbubble is know for its mugs and printful for Ts. I need both on one site.

  14. Ok, can I make a magazine style website with these implements ? That is the tutorial that we would need. How to make a magazine, high volume blog site we can monetize.

  15. Hi, I am a newbie and
    I am struggling with a page builder and theme. please tell me, what do you think about the Blocksy theme? I want to use it for my project and use it with elementor. Do you think that they both compatible for a good SEO?, or it’s great to use it only with Gutenberg. On top of that it’s a great free premium theme , but it’s not popular, no body is talking about. I need your piece of advice 🙏

  16. Hi, I am currently beginning my journey into affiliate marketing and was thinking of my niche, I was thinking fishing and camping are 2 of my top interests. Would these categories be too vague?

  17. Hey Darrel, what's the best way to create an ecommerce store with Elementor? Do you have a video on this? Or can anyone answer this question if possible? I appreciate all your help!!

  18. Thanks again darrel, I just changed from hostgator to site ground today from your link. thanks again party! when i installed "really simple ssl" word press said "SG Optimizer" does ssl and i can have two app that do the same thing?

  19. Hello darrel. I am a new subscriber and thank to your videos i have managed to get very far and on my last step. I am now stuck and would very much appreciate it if you could let me know what the issue is and how i can fix it. It might sound like an immature error but not for me lol. When I go all the way to checkout on my account I get the message on my payment list saying "sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements". Please let me know as Im sure you know what it is than you very much.