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Create a FREE Website with FREE Domain name and FREE HOSTING (2020) - Part 1/5

If you have not gotten your student mail or are not studying in any institution then this tutorial isn't for you.
Github Student Developer Pack:

Hello there, and Welcome to the Channel. I am Faizan from DESIGNBYFAIZI.ME and in this tutorial I will be showing you how you can create your website if you are still a college or university student. Please note that this method requires you to have a university or institute email address and without it, you won’t be able to follow along this tutorial.

For example, the email address that I have gotten from my university is which I will be using in this tutorial. Your university should have provided you with something similar. If this is not the case then do go to your university administration and ask them directly to provide you one.

So after you have gotten your institute provided email, the next step is to start the process to get your free site.
Now before explaining the process, let’s see what we need to create a website. We need:
1. Domain Name
2. Hosting Service
3. Layout and Theme Builder (Wordpress, WIX, or HTML)

Now we can get all these for free using____ Github Education Pack. I have divided the whole process in 5 steps which I will be covering in 5 videos. These steps are:
1. Getting Github Education Starter Pack
2. Getting a Domain Name
3. Getting a Hosting
4. Installing Wordpress
5. Getting Wordpress Premium Theme (Neve)

Now keep in mind that this website will only be valid for 1 year and after that you will have to pay monthly or yearly dues to get these services. But if you work hard on it, 1 year is more than enough time.

So let’s start with the first step which is getting the Github Education Starter Pack. What I would like you guys to do is to go to
and click on Github Student Developer Pack.

Now It will then take you to a page where all of the benefits of github will be listed. For now what you simply have to do is click on this "Get the Pack" button.

Now it will prompt you to sign in page. If you already have an account then just sign in with it. But if you don’t have it then you can quickly create one by clicking (Create an Account). Be sure to remember that in this step you don’t necessarily need your School Email yet. You can use any of your regular email to sign in.
Since I already have an account, I will just sign in. Now, It may ask you to verify your login, in which case you can verify it easily using the steps on screen.

Now on next screen, you will have to scroll down and click the button that says: Get Student Benefits

Now this next page is very important. First you need to describe your academic status as Student. Next you need to fill in your email. Now this is where you will be using your school-issued email address. Simply fill the text area with your email and submit it.

Alright, now is the time to verify this email. Click on the blue “Github Email Settings” in a new tab. Now when we do that, this other page opens up. What we simply have to do here is click on Resend Verification Email. And after this go into our email inbox and verify this email from there. This process should be very easy. Although if there is still any issue then let me know in the comments below.
Alright. Then after our email has been verified. We need to go back to this page and fill out the remaining info such as your school name and it might even ask for a picture of your student card, in which case just snap a picture and upload it. After filling everything, simply click this button that says: Submit your Information. Now you might have to wait a few days, but When all is said and done, Github will send you a confirmation email.

If you happen to receive this mail soon then Congratulations. You have successfully completed the first step to get your website.

Now I will be sharing the next steps in my coming videos, so if you want to get quick updates then consider subscribing to this channel and click the Bell Icon for more timely updates. If you want to learn Vector Illustrations, Logo Designs, Web, HTML, or Wordpress then visit
I am Faizi and I will see you in the next video. Good Bye.

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Programs Used in the video :
--OBS Screen Recorder

Instagram: @pakistanicomicartist

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Create a FREE Website with FREE Domain name and FREE HOSTING (2020) - Part 1/5

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