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A Beginner's Web Design Tutorial for 2020

In this beginner's web design tutorial for 2020 video, I share the 10 best practices of great websites and what every website needs to generate you revenue.

Websites should be an investment, not an expense if built properly. You'll learn in this video the things to look for, do's and don'ts of web design and how to find a web designer that knows what they are doing.

1. Content
2. Platform
3. Creativity
4. UX User Experience
5. SEO - On-Page and Off-Page
6. ADA Compliance
7. Mobile First and Friendliness
8. Maintenance
9. Turnaround Time
10. Quality Assurance

*** BONUS ***
11. Website Design pricing


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Adrian Boysel is a Creative Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Digital Marketing Trainer. He is the founder of Adrian Graphics and Marketing and Host of the Project Grow Show Podcast.

Adrian Boysel helps entrepreneurs and business owners, through educational videos on YouTube, motivational content on Instagram and career development advice on LinkedIn, as well as offering 1 on 1 Consulting and a Group Coaching Program.

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A Beginner's Web Design Tutorial for 2020

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